The Directorate of Linkages

Who we are

We, at the Directorate of Linkages work towards capacity building for both the academic staff members and the students of Nasarawa State University through international partnerships. We work to facilitate academic research partnership between the units, the departments, the faculties and the research centres of Nasarawa State University with relevant bodies, including local and foreign universities, corporate bodies and donor organizations for mutual academic benefit. We work to facilitate students’ exchange programs, staff visiting fellowships and sabbaticals. In our quest to internationalize our academic programs, we work with our partners in the areas of designing and developing curricula for our various degree programs. Ultimately, we are making learning and teaching experiences to our students and academic staff at Nasarawa State University, more adventurous and enjoyable.

What we do

We, at the Directorate of Linkages function in a number of ways:

The Director

Dr. Fatima Othman, an expert linguist, a seasoned academician, administrator and diplomat is the director of Linkages of Nararawa State University. In a career that lasted 35 years, Othman worked as university lecturer for 16 years before moving into various offices of public administration and diplomacy. At the pinnacle of her career, Othman served as Nigerian Permanent Delegate to UNESCO in France, a position she held for 10 years. Othman participated in a number of respected international seminars and won several awards and fellowships both locally and internationally. In the course of discharging her duty in the last three and a half decades, she has widely travelled across Africa, Europe and USA.


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