About the Registry

Brief Profile

Nasarawa State University, Keffi was established by the Nasarawa State Government through Law No.2 of 2001.

The Registry of Nasarawa State University Keffi occupies a position of considerable importance in the organogram of the University. The Registrar is secretary to the statutory bodies in the University including Council, Senate and their Committees.

The Department is headed by the Registrar who is assisted by the other registry staff of various categories ranging from administrative,executive, secretarial and clerical.

The office of the Registrar is answerable to and reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor for the day to day smooth running of the University system. It is no doubt the engine room that injects the University with the necessary essentials fuels and oils for the functioning of the various organs of the University.

Its core mandate is to support the University to providing services to enable it accomplish its objectives of teaching, learning, research and community service.

To facilitate this,the Registrar therefore coordinates all activities of the University by interpretation of rules and regulations, rendering of advice where necessary and providing guidance for complying and abiding with approved calendars and time table.

The department has four Divisions as follows:

  1. Human Resource Division
  2. General Administration Division
  3. Council Affairs Division
  4. The Academic Affairs Division

Each of the Division is headed by the head of Division who is answerable and report directly to the Registrar.

The Division is further divided into various units headed by head of unit who report directly to their respective Heads of Division.

The Registry currently has seven(7) Deputy Registrar.

Head’s Desk

John Danladi Efuna (Principal Assistant Registrar/Head of Academic Affairs Division).

Qualifications: First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) 1987, Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) 1993, Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMB) 1994, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hons.) Political Science 2002, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) 2012, Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) Political Economy and Development Studies 2017.

Professional Body: A Member of Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrator (ANUPA).

Brief Profile of the Division

The Academic Affairs Division was created in 2017 by the present Registrar of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Bala I. Ahmed II when he took over in March, 2017.

The Division was hitherto operating as a Unit known as Academic Office. The upgrade of Academic Office to a Division was to strengthen the Registry and to provide an effective supervision and smooth administration in the Registry Department.

The Academic Affairs Division generally is the nerve and epic centre of the University. It is the entry and exit points of students.

The Division handles the following functions:-

  • Act as Senate secretariat
  • It also keeps all the Academic records of students
  • It process and issue Statement of Results
  • Discipline of Students
  • Approval of Academic Programmes
  • Follows up actions on Senate decisions
  • Implement Senate decision as it affects students, Departments, Faculties, Schools, Centres and other academic Units.
  • It verifies students records upon request from schools and employers of labour
  • It process transcripts for students
  • Processes external examiners


The Vision of the Academic Affairs Division of the University is to provide excellent and efficient Academic Support Services to students and stakeholders and to position the University to be among the best in the world.


To support the University’s academic initiatives by providing and facilitating efficient formulation and implementation of academic policies.

Available Units

  1. Exams & Records Unit
  2. Admission Unit
  3. Transcript & Verification Unit
  4. Senate Affairs Unit
  5. Secretariat

Available Units

  1. Payroll Unit
  2. Cash Office Unit
  3. Students Accounts Unit
  4. Stores, Purchasing and Supply Unit
  5. Computer Services Unit

Staff Schedule of Duties

Head, Exams and Records Unit

Exams and Records Units are one of the units under the Academic Affairs Division of the Registry Department, Nasarawa State University, Keffi. The Unit is assigned to the following responsibilities:

  1. Keeps custody of Senate Approved Examination results and other students’ records,
  2. Preparation and issuance of statement of results
  3. Issuance of original certificate
  4. Processing of Academic transcript
  5. Compilation of students’ graduation list for NYSC mobilization and processing of certificate
  6. Handle correspondence relating to Exams & Records.

Head, Admission Unit

The Admission Unit of Nasarawa State University, Keffi was created on 7th July, 2017. It is a Unit under the Academic Affairs Division. The Head of Admission of Unit is saddled with responsibilities viz;

  • Processing of Admissions
  • Attending to students complaints on registration matters
  • Signing of students clearance and change of course forms for Academic Secretary
  • Issuances of Academic files to new students.
  • Acts as the custodian of Academic gowns for students, administrative officers and academic staff.

Head,  Verification and Transcript

The Transcript & Verification Unit, Nasarawa State University, Keffi was created on 7th July, 2017. It is a Unit under the Academic Affairs Division. Below are its functions:-

  • Processing of Transcript
  • Verification of Students Results as requested from various schools and employers of labour.

Head, Senate Affairs

Senate Affairs Unit is the engine room of Senate activities (Secretariat). Senate, subject to the section 5, sub-section 1 and 4 of the law establishment f Nasarawa State University, as amended is the highest academic decision making body in the University system of Administration. Below are its functions:-

  • Establishment, organization and control of campus, colleges, faculties, departments, schools, institutes and other teaching and research units of the University, and the allocation of responsibility for different branches of learning.
  • Organization and control of course of study at the University and of the examinations held in conjunction with those courses, both internal and external;
  • Award of degrees and such other qualifications as may be prescribed, in connection with examinations held as aforesaid;
  • Making of recommendations to Council with respect to the award to any person of an honorary fellowship or honorary degree or the title of professor emeritus;
  • Establishment, organization and control of halls or residence and similar institutions at the University;
  • Supervision of welfare of the student at the University and the regulations of their conduct;
  • Granting of fellowship, scholarships, prizes and similar awards in so far as the award are within the control of the University;
  • Determining what description of dress shall be academic dress for the purpose of the University, and regulating the use of the academic dress.
  • Coordination and organization of regular meetings of Senate
  • Development of Minutes of Senate Meeting
  • Writing Memos to Senate for Approval
  • Communicates Senate decision at its meeting

Senate Affairs provides secretarial duties and assistance to the Senate Standing Committees such as:-

  1. University Admission Committee
  2. Ceremonial Committee
  3. Committee of Deans and Academic Directors
  4. Research Grants and Publication Committee
  5. Academic Planning and Curriculum Committee
  6. Library Committee
  7. Staff and Students Welfare Committee
  8. University Sports Committee
  9. Senate Business Committee
  10. Joint Committee of Council and Senate
  11. University Culture Committee
  12. University Ethics Committee

The University Senate approved monitoring of new Courses, approval of students results, approval of External Examiners, etc.

List of Staff

S/N Name Rank/office Area of specialization Official  Email
1. John Danladi Efuna Principal Assistant Registrar

(Head, Academic Affairs Division)

Administration efunadjohn@nsuk.edu.ng


2. Umar Shehu Principal Assistant Registrar

(Head, Exams & Records Unit)



3. Auwalu Suleiman Senior Assistant Registrar Administration suleimanauwalu@nsuk.ng
4. Hauwa Abubakar Assistant Chief Executive Officer Administration


5. Felicia A. Egga Assistant Registrar

(Head, Transcript & Verification/Desk Officer, Administration, Agriculture and Law)

Administration eggafelicia@nsuk.edu.ng
6. Hussaina Namadi Administrative Officer I

Head, Emailing of documents)

7. Hassana A. A. Musa Principal Executive Officer I (Admin.)

(Desk Officer, Arts, Social Sciences & Environmental Sciences)

Administration hassanam@nsuk.edu.ng
8. Rukaiyat Suleiman Senior Executive Officer

(Desk Officer, Education & Natural & Applied Sciences)

Administration rukaiyatsule@nsuk.ed.ng
9. Amos Haruna Sunday Senior Executive Officer

(Desk Officer, Sandwich & Part-Time)

Administration sundaysmas511@gmail.com
10. Danjuma Mohammed Higher Data Processing Officer

(Academic Affairs Division)



11. Edward O. Kigbu Computer Analyst II

(Exams & Records)

Secretariat edwardok@nsuk.edu.ng
12. Abdullahi S. Tahir Chief Clerical Officer Secretariat tahirabdullahi@nsuk.edu.ng

Head’s Desk

Oluwatoyin Asaniyan
B.Sc. (Hons.) Political Science, 1999; Masters in Public Administration (MPA), 2014

Brief Profile of the Division

General Administration Division is a Division in the Registry Department. The Division was established among three (3) others in the year 2017 at the beginning of the Tenure of Bala Isyaka Ahmed II current Registrar, Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

The Division is responsible for assisting the Registrar in writing general policy memos and circulars. It is also responsible for keeping track of appointments of Deans, Heads of Department and Directors into various offices.

Three years down the line, the Division has been able to step up its operations in the area of dissemination of staff and students’ statistical information/data to stakeholders, while the Housing and Passages Unit has its operations reviewed to upgrade the University Quarters.

The Legal Unit offers legal services to the University which includes but not limited to, drafting of legal documents, representing the University in Court, provides legal advice and also serves as Secretariat to various Committees. The Unit consists of 3 lawyers who are professionals in administrative litigation and corporate law practice.


To create a new orientation of the existing practice in the University by striving for digitized General Administration


To effectively position the General Administration Division for optimal performance and crave for relevance in the 21st Century University Administration.

Available Units

  1. General Policy Unit
  2. Legal Unit
  3. Data and Statistics Unit
  4. Housing and Passages Unit

List of Staff



Official Email
1 OLUWATOYIN ASANIYAN Principal Assistant Registrar General Admin Division Head, General


2 JENNIFER SHAKU IBI Senior Assistant Registrar Legal Head, Legal Unit ibijennifershaku@nsuk.edu.ng
3 IBRAHIM UMAR J. Assistant Registrar Legal Head, Litigation ibrahimumajangwa@nsuk.edu.ng
4 SAIDU BADAMASI Assistant Registrar Legal Head, Alumni saidubadamasi@nsuk.edu.ng
5 TANIMU A.M. KABIR Assistant Chief Executive Officer Data & Statistics Head, Data &


6 BUHARI S. ABDULLAHI Principal Executive Officer I Housing & Passages Head, Housing & Passages suleimanab@nsuk.edu.ng
7 ABAH JOHN OLADEGBO Computer Analyst II Secretariat Programming

/Secretarial duties

8 AMINA ISYAKU .D. Chief Clerical Officer Legal Clerical Officer dantshoho@nsuk.edu.ng

Head’s Desk

Barr. Ramatu Ahmed Liman

  • Ordinary National Diploma in Law (OND), Plateau State Polytechnic 1996,
  • Legum Baccalaureus (LLB), University of Jos 2001,
  • Bachelor of Law (BL), Nigeria Law School 2003,
  • Legum Magister (LLM), Nasarawa State University, Keffi 2016.

Brief Profile of the Division

The Human Resource Division of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi is one of the Divisions in the Registry Department. It was initially called the Establishment Unit before it was changed and upgraded to Human Resource Division by the current Registrar, Bala I. Ahmed II who assumed duty on 1st March, 2017.

The change was in order to align with best practices in Nigerian Universities as the Human Resource nomenclature encompasses a wider and more progressive aspect of Personnel Management unlike the establishment nomenclature which was narrow in content concentrating only on strict personnel details rather than on analytically oriented operations of the existing system.

The Human Resource Division is an arm of the Registrar Department objective is to improve Human capital development.

The Division is strategically established to provide support services to the University in attaining its goals and objectives of becoming a world class citadel of learning.

In order to facilitate its mandate, the Division consists of five (5) units and each unit has its responsibility to carryout peculiar administrative duties. The Division is saddled with responsibility for employment, promotion and discipline of staff as well as to train and develop staff for future challenges.

Above all, the Division is mandated to perform the following statutory functions:

  1. Strategic Management of the University’s human capital as it affects appointment, promotions and records keeping.
  2. Strategic Human Resource Development in terms of training, retraining and staff development towards improving the skills and competences of the staff for improved performance.
  3. Ensuring the existence of friendly working environment.
  4. Initiating disciplinary actions when rules and regulations are violated.
  5. Coordinating annual staff appraisals and promotion examinations and interviews.
  6. Interpretation of Rules and Regulations as it affects Senior and junior staff.
  7. Handing all issues pertaining to secondment, transfers, merger of service, sabbatical and leave of absence.
  8. Provision of counseling services on career progression to staff
  9. Providing Secretarial Services to the Appointments and Promotions and Disciplinary Committees.
  10. Handling any other administrative and human resource matters and matters on Employees Pension and Gratuity that may be assigned from time to time.


To provide a robust and highly reliable staff data base to suit the University’s ever increasing quest for knowledge and development at all times.


To be the support centre for the strategic Management of the University’s human capital development towards the successful accomplishments of its goals and objectives.

Available Units

  1. Senior Staff Establishment
  2. Junior Staff Establishment
  3. Manpower Training and Development
  4. Pension and Insurance
  5. Open and Secret Registry

Schedule of Duties of the Units

1. Manpower Training and Development Unit

  • To prepare staff for Training and Development
  • Served as Secretary Manpower Training and Development
  • Served as Secretary, TETFund Implementation Committee.
  • To carry all documents concerning staff Training, Conferences, Manuscripts, Research and Journal to TETFund for approval.
  • To compile list of staff who got admission to various school for committees recommendation.
  • Any other duty assigned to me.

2. Establishment Junior Staff Unit.

  • Assistant Secretary, A&PC (JS)
  • Assistant Secretary, JSDC
  • To Coordinate Junior Staff Matters
  • Counselling of Junior Staff
  • Appraisal Exercise of Junior Staff
  • Any other duty assigned to me.

3. Pension and Insurance Unit.

  • Opening a retirement saving account
  • Necessary document as maybe advised Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF)
  • Death of exempt officer in service or in course of duty (37) transfer of Pension Fund assets
  • Empoyees are expected to contribute 8% of their (Basic + Housing + Transport allowance) every month your employer deducts this amount from your salary every month your employers also contribute a minimum of 10% of your (Basic + Housing + Transport Allowance) every month on your behalf.
  • An Administrative Officer is responsible to provide administrative support to an organization some duties include inventory to the management University.
  • Administrative Officer are responsible for day today task management in within an organization this role requires multitasking across.
  • Duty and responsibilities include providing administrative support to insure efficient operation of the office.

List of Staff



1 Barr. Ramatu Ahmed Liman SS/494 Deputy Registrar Legal and Human Resource Administration liman.ramatu@nsuk.edu.ng
2 Bara’atu Abdullahi SS/228 Principal Assistant Registrar Faculty Administration /General Administration /Staff Training Administration baraataua@nsuk.edu.ng
3 Moni Bitrus Dogo SS/823 Senior Assistant Registrar Faculty Administration/ Senate Affairs and Human Resource Administration bitrusmd@nsuk.edu.ng
4 Damaris Yusuf Amuda SS/986 Assistant Registrar Faculty and Human Resource Administration daudadamaris@nsuk.edu.ng
5 Zubairu Abubakar SS/1030 Assistant Registrar Administrator/ Human Resource zubairuabubakar@nsuk.edu.ng
6 Ezekiel Audu Abimiku SS/1048 Higher Data Processing Officer Secretary abimikue@nsuk.edu.ng
7 Makyo Gye-Wado  SS/1710 Admin. Officer II Human Resource Administration makyoonjegye.wado@nsuk.edu.ng
8. Rabo Maikeffi SS/919 Senior Executive Officer Executive Officer maikeffir@nsuk.edu.ng
9. Josephine Idikwu SS/1561 Chief Clerical Officer Clerical Officer idikwuj@nsuk.edu.ng
10. Fatima Ibrahim Kana JS/404 Assistant Chief Clerical Officer Clerical Officer ibrahimfat@nsuk.edu.ng
11. Moses Anthony Jatau JS/16 Assistant Chief Clerical Officer Clerical Officer mosesanthony@nsuk.edu.ng