Public Administration

Ag. Dr. Becky Aliegba

Department of Public Administration


  • Ph.D. Public Administration
  • M.Phil./Ph.D. Public Administration
  • M.Sc. Public Administration
  • MPA (General)
  • MPA (Local Government Administration)
  • MPA (Management)
  • MPA (Personnel Administration)
  • MPA (Public Policy Analysis)
  • PGD Public Administration
  • B.Sc Public Administration
Departmental Board

The Departmental Board is made up of all lecturers in the Department except Graduate Assistant  with the Head of Department as the Chairman. The Departmental Board organizes and controls the teaching of all courses in the Department and the examination held in those courses.

Name Portfolio
Head of Department (HOD) Chairman
All Academic Staff (Except Graduate Assistant) Member

Entry Requirements

Five O/Level credits in English Language, Mathematics, Economics, Government / History or civil education and any other subject.


Government, Economics and Any other Art or Social Science subject.

English Language

English Language

Staff Profile
S/No Name Rank Institutional E-mail
1 Charles Nwakeaku Professor
2 Hussaini T. Hassan Professor
3 Abdullahi Mohammed Senior Lecturer
4 Mohammed Slvanus itodo Senior Lecturer
5 Aliegba Becky Ade Senior Lecturer
6 Adokwe Ayinekweyi Comfort Senior Lecturer
7 Abimiku John Lecturer I
8 Odonye Dauda Yusuf Lecturer I
9 Yusuf Abdullahi Ogwuzebe Lecturer I
10 Mahmud Elems Mahmud Lecturer I
11 Oklobia Omadachi Senior Lecturer -------
12 Bariratu Abdullahi Lecturer II
13 Ibrahim Isah Salisu Lecturer II
14 Yakubu Shehu Ibrahim Lecturer II
15 Esther Dizaho Kadarko Lecturer II
16 Dance Ayuba Maikasuwa Lecturer II ------
17 Ahmed Uthman Omale Assistant Lecturer
18 Baikie Katume Esther Assistant Lecturer ------
19 Sani Suleiman Assistant Lecturer ------
20 Jezhi Godwin Iya Graduate Assistant -----
21 Ibrahim Muhammad Ohikwo Graduate Assistant -----

List of Research/Publications

S/No Title Contributors
1 ------------ ------------
2 ------------ -----------
3 -------------- ------------

Upcoming Workshop/Conferences

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