Dr. Abraham David Areo
Ag. H O D

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  • Ph.D. Linguistics
  • M.Phil. Linguistics
  • M.Phil./Ph.D. Linguistics
  • M.A. Linguistics
  • B.A Linguistics
Departmental Board

The Departmental Board is made up of all lecturers in the Department except Graduate Assistant  with the Head of Department as the Chairman. The Departmental Board organizes and controls the teaching of all courses in the Department and the examination held in those courses.

Name Portfolio
Head of Department (HOD) Chairman
All Academic Staff (Except Graduate Assistant) Member

Entry Requirements

Five O/level credits in English Language, Mathematics and any other two Arts, Social Sciences and Sciences


One Art and Two other Art or Social Science subjects.

English Language

English Language

Staff Profile
S/No Name Rank Institutional E-mail
1 Omachonu Gideon S. Professor,ng
2 Anyanwu-Wenzel Rose-Juliet Professor,ng
3 Bem Peters Ianna Professor,ng
4 Akase Tiav Thomas Associate Professor,ng
5 Imoh Philip Manda Associate Professor,ng
6 David Areo Abraham Associate Professor,ng
7 Umaru Jacob Senior Lecturer,ng
8 Muh'd Aliyu Busa Senior Lecturer,ng
9 Amende A. Charles Lecturer I,ng
10 Ashikeni Thomas Ogah Lecturer I,ng
11 Umar Abdurrahman Lecturer I -------
12 Samuel Nuhu Baba Lecturer II,ng
13 Patience A. Garba Lecturer II,ng
14 Dalhatu Abigail Musa Assistant Lecturer,ng
15 Muhammad Yusuf Assistant Lecturer,ng
16 Dansabo Friday Nyizo Assistant Lecturer -------

List of Research/Publications

S/No Title Contributors
1 ------------ ------------
2 ------------ -----------
3 -------------- ------------

Upcoming Workshop/Conferences

For any inquiries

+234 801 234 5678