This is situated in Along Akwanga-Keffi Road, Keffi, Nasarawa State. It is the seat of Administration of the University and currently consists of the following Faculties:

a.   Faculty of Administration
b.   Faculty of Arts
c.   Faculty of Education
d.   Faculty of Environmental Sciences
e.   Faculty of Law
f.    Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences
g.   Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
h.   Faculty of Social Sciences

The Lafia Campus houses the Faculty of Agriculture. It comprises of five (5) departments namely:

a.    Agricultural Economics and Extension
b.    Agronomy (Crop and Soil Science)
c.    Animal Science
d.    Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
e.    Forestry, Wildlife, and Ecotourism
f.     Home Science Management

The Gudi Campus houses the Faculty of Engineering. 

Here, we have the School of Remedial Studies and Centre for Continuing Studies. There are about four (4) major course combinations.