Information and Protocol

Information and Protocol

[divider scroll_text=””][space height=”10″] Muh’d Jamil ZakariPROFILE OF THE HEAD OF UNIT
Name:- Muh’d Jamil Zakari,MNIPR,ACAI
Rank: Head of Information and Protocol

  1. Responsible for gathering, processing and disseminating information within and outside the   University
  2. Prepare, plan and execute public relations strategies to forge understanding, foster mutual beneficial relations and ensure full appreciation of University policy (ies) by the general public.
  3. Handle all protocol matters for the University e.g. prepare and arrange travel documents for the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and other officers of the University.
  4.  Ensure effective coordination of ceremonies and event management for the University.
  5. Handle and maintain relations with the media in respect to coverage, interviews, advert placement, recorded or life telecast etc.
  6. Receive visitors and be responsible for their conveniences in terms of facilities tours, accommodation and other requirements.
  7. Arrange meetings and maintain liaison between the University and government or their agencies.
  8. Handle University based publications e.g.  VCs Annual Report, Faculty Handbooks, Inaugural Lectures etc.
  9. Handle any other assignment that may be directed by the Vice-Chancellor.


  1. Publications e.g. Official Bulletins, Newsletters, Announcements, Press Releases, Convocation $ Ceremonial Cards, Programme Booklets, Annual Calendars, Diaries, Plagues, University inscribed souvenirs and imprints.
  2. Prepare and coordinate protocol list. Arrange Protocol Order at functions and anchor functions as Master of Ceremony.
  3. Maintain Visitors Register.
  4. Serves as first port-of-call for Visitors.
  5. Serves as clearing- house of official information, circulars and policies.
  6. Undertake content-analysis of media reports on the University. Prepare newspaper cuttings etc.
  7. Offer strategic advice to the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar on official matters that could negatively affect or is likely to so affect the University.
  8. Gauge public opinions on the University and prepare strategy to foster understanding and favourable perception of the University.
  9. Handle University based requests on electronics (i.e. Principal Officers & students) e.g. TV sets, media, cameras, satellite decoders and telecommunications connections.
  10. Undertake Annual distribution of Hospitality to important officers & community leaders (e.g. Council members, emirs & chiefs, others)
  11. Publication i. Quarterly Official Bulletin ii. Newsletters iii. Publish University-wide documents such as Academic brief, university Calendar of Events, Faculty Handbooks, annual Calendars, Advert placements, e.t.c.
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The Unit on instructions and directives from or by the Vice Chancellor relate with various categories of Officers of Nasarawa State Government on the official matters. These include making arrangements for visits, calls or meetings with the Executive Governor’s Office, the Ministry of Education, and Education Committee of the state House of Assembly or any officer as may be appropriate and directed for the time and issue at hand.
The Unit service is the clearing –house of protocol and communication between the University and Government. Carry out any other assignment as directed by the Vice chancellor.
The Unit services the secretariat for all University wide ceremonies; handles and ensure orderly arrangements of events and functions  such as Convocation, Inaugural Lectures, Stakeholders meetings, Visitations on Accreditation, Unions relations e.t.c

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