Mass Communication

Prof. Rabiu Mohammed

The B. Sc. Mass Communication Programmed began in 2005 as a unit in the Department of English in the then newly created Faculty of Arts. The Programmed was introduced to satisfy the persistently high demand of the course. In other words, right from the first three years of the establishment of the University (2001- 2004), candidates had consistently applied for the course, yet Mass Communication was not among the first set of disciplines that took off with the University. Accordingly, arising from the persistently high demand of the course, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, established the Mass Communication Programmed on 10 March, 2005 when K. S. Akpede was appointed in the Department of English with the mandate to prepare the groundwork for the takeoff of the Department of Mass Communication. In November, 2005, Mallam Sani Rabiu joined the services of the University in the Department of Mass Communication and was appointed Coordinator. The two were the foundation Staff of the Department.


  • Ph.D. Mass Communication
  • M.Phil./Ph.D. Mass Communication
  • M.Sc. Mass Communication
  • PGD Mass Communication
  • B.Sc. Mass Communication
  • B.Sc. Mass Communication (Lincoln Uni)

The Department of Mass Communication had the National Universities Commissions Pre- Accreditation Resource Verification Visit in 2007. Sequel to the Visit was the recommendation that the Department of Mass Communication had fulfilled conditions for accreditation of the B. Sc. Mass Communication Programmed. The Programmed, following the recommendation of NUC’s Verification panel was therefore accredited in 2008. The Programmed earned full accreditation Resource presentation having scored 81.3%.

The programmed has been re-presented for accreditation in 2015 and is hopeful of earning full accreditation again.

Departmental Board

The Departmental Board is made up of all lecturers in the Department except Graduate Assistant  with the Head of Department as the Chairman. The Departmental Board organizes and controls the teaching of all courses in the Department and the examination held in those courses.

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Head of Department (HOD) Chairman
All Academic Staff (Except Graduate Assistant) Member

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English Language

English Language

English Language

Staff Profile
S/No Name Rank Institutional E-mail
1 Akpede Kaior Samuel Associate Professor
2 Akpede Kaior Samuel Associate Professor
3 Igyuve Anthony Iorver Associate Professor
4 Akase T. Moses Associate Professor
5 Anthony Ogande Lecturer I
6 Santas Tsegyu Lecturer I
7 Melladu Bernard Bem Lecturer I
8 Zainab Y. Anzaku Lecturer II
9 Yakubu Mohammed Salisu Lecturer II
10 Suleiman Garba Assistant Lecturer
11 Ahmad Muhammad Auwal Assistant Lecturer

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