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Prof. Ngozi P. Nwosu

During the 2014 congregation meeting, the Vice Chancellor Prof. M.A. Mainoma announced the establishment of an Institute of Education. Prof. J.O.E Otuka was appointed as the Director of the institute. The first assignment given to the Director was to develop a statute for the institute. In this regard, the Director visited ten (10) universities where he interacted with the Directors of their institutes and obtained their students handbook and other documents relevant to their establishments. Then, a committee of seven from different sections of the university was set up to produce a statute for the institute. The statute as produced by the committee was approved by the vice-chancellor on 24th November 2014.

The committee set up by Vice Chancellor, then to produce a Statue for the Institute comprised of the following:

1. Prof. J.O. E. Otuka Director, Institute of Education
2. Prof. Muazu Tukur Faculty of Education
3. Dr. Andrew Nkom Faculty of Education

4. Prof. C.M. Anikweze Faculty of Education
5. Dr.A. Alagbe Faculty of Arts
6. Dr. (Mrs.)N. P. Nwosu Faculty of Education
7. Mrs. Esther Shinkut SAR/F.O. Administration

Programme Offered at the Institute

The institute of Education currently offers 28 programmes: these include:

LVT First Degree Programmes

Long Vacation Term (LVT)

  • B.Ed Guidance and Counselling
  • B.Ed Social Studies Education
  • B.Ed special Education
  • B.Ed Educational Management
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Economics Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Geography Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Biology Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Chemistry Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Physics Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Integrated Science Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Accounting Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Business Education
  • B.A. (Ed) History Education
  • B.A. (Ed) French Education
  • B.A. (Ed) English Education
  • B.A. (Ed) Arabic Education
  • B.A. (Ed) IRS Education
  • B.A. (Ed) CRS Education
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Agric Science
  • B.Sc. (Ed) Home Economics
  • BLIS Library and Information Science
  • B.(Ed) Early Child Education
  • B.(Ed) Primary Education

PGDE Programme

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Administration and planning (PGDAP)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling (PGDGC)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Community Health Education( PGDCHE)

Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
  • Diploma in Educational Management
  • Diploma in Christian Religion Studies
  • Diploma in Islamic Religion Studies
  • Diploma in Sport
  • Administration
  • Diploma in Library Science

Note:- The last set of Diploma Students will be finishing this academic session because Diploma Programme has been Phased out.


S/No Name Rank Area of Specialization Institutional E-mail Personal Email Phone No
1 Ngozi P. Nwosu Professor Sociology of Education 08054374787
2 Bala Sani Abdullahi Senior Lecturer Educational Psychology 08034952787

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