Security Unit

Lt. Col. John Aboh (rtd)
Chief Security Officer

The Security Unit of the University is as old as the University itself. It was established in the year 2002. The Unit is under the Vice- Chancellor’s Office. The office is located by the right hand corner on entry the main gate of the University. The staff that started the unit were inherited from the security unit of the defunct college of Arts Science and Technology (CAST). CAST was an Institution that metamorphosed to the present day Nasarawa State University. As the University commenced operations, the staff strength was strengthened to meet up the infrastructural development. The University commenced operations with the employment of an acting Chief Security Officer, a senior security officer (SSO) and an initial staff strength of 150 operatives. Subsequently, the pioneer Vice-Chancellor, Prof Adamu Baikie saw the need to employ a full fledge caliber of staff as it’s practiced in other Universities. This saw the employment of the substantive Chief security officer, (CSO) Assistant Chief security officer (ACSO) Principal security officer Administration (PSO) a senior security officer 1 (SSO1) to join the fleet of other security personnel to form a full fledge security unit for the University.

There are types of security in the University. We have the internal security and the outsourced security services.

a. Internal Security Services.

The internal Security Service wear beige coloured uniforms. They are integral staff of the University holding tenure appointments. These categories of staff are deployed to the sensitive areas of the University such as the Vice-Chancellor’s lodge, Administrative Block, Work sand Maintenance unit, ICT Centre amongst others.

b. The outsourced security Companies.
There are three (3) outsourced security companies operating in the University. They are:
  1. Amodo Security Services
  2. Marshal Star Security Services
  3. Yacham Security Services

These outsourced security companies are deployed in the three campuses of the University. They are answerable to the CSO who controls their deployments and monitors their general operations. The companies are changed from time to time depending on the duration of their contract and their performances.



For effective operations and administrative convenience, the security unit is structured into 4 main sub-units. The sub-units have distinct functions as highlighted below.

a. Operations: This sub-unit is headed by the Assistant Chief Security Officer (ACSO). He coordinates and deploys the security staff. He ensures the smooth running of guard duties and patrol activities. He enforces all rules and regulations and oversees the activities of other sub-units. This sub-unit takes the center stage of the general security duties on the campuses and other guard posts off the campuses.

b. Administration: This sub-unit is headed by the Principal Security Officer (P.S.O) of the University. He is saddled with the administrative requirements of the security unit. The sub-unit head carries out the following functions amongst others:

  • Handles all the logistic matters of the security unit
  • Keeps and maintains records of promotion of staff of the security unit.
  • Keeps and maintains records of annual/casual leaves, hospital admission and obituaries.
  • Keeps and maintains medical records of the security staff.
  • Keeps custody of lost and found property and exhibits.
  • Ensures that all security vehicles are sound and road worthy.
  • Keeps and maintain records of disciplinary cases involving students only.
  • The security unit’s computer operator, clerks, messengers and cleaners are under his instructions.
  • Handles all the logistic matters of the security unit.

c. Investigation and Crime: This sub-unit is the hub of the security unit. It is headed by the senior security officer (SSO). The appointment is usually reserved for senior retired police/DSS officer who has experience in investigation and prosecution of cases in courts. He determines the relevant portion of the law that is violated and advises the management on the actions required to be taken. He impacts the knowledge to the operatives under his control. The functions of the officer includes:

  • He ensures absolute control of the personnel, and monitors their efficiency in crime control and investigation.
  • He takes prompts action of all cases referred or reported to the sub-unit.
  • He ensures that investigations are carried out and reports submitted with findings within reasonable time.

d. Intelligence: This sub-unit is headed by the security officer (1). The sub-unit is a vital branch of the security unit. The intelligence unit collects and collates information which are processed and disseminated to the management and other relevant security services like the police and the DSS for further processing and necessary action. Such information may cover opinion of students, secret meetings, aggression, threats to lives and properties or any other issue considered to be a threat. Personnel in this sub-unit perform their duties clandestinely.

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