Our Vision

“To be a foremost faculty producing qualified graduate teachers in liberal arts, science and technology”.

Our Mission

“To foster knowledge in the field of education through teaching and research with optimistic commitment for the educational advancement of the state and the country at large.”


Dean’s Desk

The aim of schooling is to grow children into productive citizens that use their knowledge, talents, and learned skills to sustain themselves and to help others while pushing the human race forward in areas of progress,  equity, equality and harmony. It is worthy to note that all Faculties aim at this; but it is the Faculty of Education through is pedagogical function that enables the realisation of this because education itself and by itself is a process of facilitating learning or acquisition of knowledge,  skills,  values,  beliefs and habits. Therefore, the Faculty of education is the training and breeding ground for qualifying professional Faculty members in all Faculties. This makes our faculty, the father of all faculties. To do this credibly well, our faculty is currently subdivided into four departments namely; Educational foundations, Educational management, Arts and Social science Education (ASSE) and Science, Technology and mathematics Education (STME). Additional six (6) departments have been proposed including Library and Information science,  Human kinetics and health,  Counseling psychology, Vocational and technology education, while ASSE will be broken into two departments inline with needs to reduce the gap between the town and the gown.

All the current departments have departmental journals and there is a faculty journal. The departments and faculty continually organise high impact National and international conferences for upskilling and refueling of about 80 staffs.

The current Dean,  Prof Maicibi Alhas Nok,  is the 5th Dean.

We,  as the custodian of pedagogy and knowledge will continue to tenaciously uphold and sustain the esteem Principles and tenets of Pedagogical Pansophism propounded by the Father of Education – Johann Amos Comenius ( 1592 – 1670).

We in the Faculty of Education are proud not only to be a teacher but also as the producers of great teachers for the state, Nigeria, Africa and worldwide over.

The Faculty of Education was established primarily with the objective to train well-grounded professional graduate teachers for post primary institutions in Nasarawa state in particular and Nigeria in general. Below are the specific objectives of the Faculty of Education:

  1. To impart in the students, the dignity of the teaching profession among an array of professions in the state and Nigeria in general
  2. To enhance quality teacher education and produce adequate manpower of the schools in the state and Nigeria at large.
  3. To provide educational courses and instruction facilities for pursuit of learning in all its branches and to make the facilities available to Nasarawa state indigenes and other interested Nigerians admitted to faculty programmes
  4. To encourage and conduct education research in all fields of teaching and learning particularly in science education and educational foundations.
  5. To undertake any other activity appropriate for faculty of education in a university of the highest standard.
  6. To produce high level manpower for tertiary institutions through graduate degrees in education.

I am a Great Teacher
I am not just a TEACHER, I am a GARDENER
Mine is to sow and to water the seed of greatness in our future leaders entrusted in my care and to weed out all the ill habits that hinder them from achieving their full potentials.
I am not just a TEACHER, I am an ARTIST
Mine is to paint beautiful pictures of a great future in the hearts of every learner seated before me.
I am not just a TEACHER, I am a CHEER LEADER
Mine is to cheer them on, to face the world and their future with confidence and enthusiasm.
I am not just a TEACHER, I am a MENTOR
Mine is to give these great future leaders the keys to success and shine the light on the pit falls along their path to success.
I am not just a TEACHER, I am a BUILDER
Mine is to build in them principles, habits and lifestyles of greatness, one class at a time.
I am not just a TEACHER, I am a ROLE MODEL
Mine is to be a shining example of what  true greatness can be.
Which of these are you?
I am not just a Teacher
I am a Great Teacher
( By:  Fela Durotoye)