Our Vision

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Our Mission

“The philosophy, mission and mandate of this Faculty is also to transform very rapidly farmers skills in agricultural production, harvesting, post-harvest technology, utilization and marketing. This would invariably lead to the enhancement of incomes and quality of life of the ordinary farmers especially the catchments area of the University.”


Dean’s Desk

The Faculty of Agriculture has the mandate for teaching, research and community service.  Over the years, it has been able to turn out graduates with requisite skills and cognate experience who are doing well in their chosen fields of study.  Giant strides in Groundbreaking Researches too numerous to mention have also been made. Findings from such research work have been published in highly reputable international journals with high impact factors to increase the visibility and world ranking of this great university, and project Nasarawa State in a good light.


The Faculty has to its credit some local and international grants/aids to advance research geared towards the betterment of humanity. These include amongst others 1). Assessment, Development and Conservation of appropriate soil management strategies for securing long-term productivity in Southern Guinea Savannah of Nigeria. A project implemented under the competitive Agricultural Research Grant Scheme ARCN/CARGS, Nigeria. 2) Bioconversion of Agricultural wastes to value added ruminant feeds using white rot fungi (ARCN/CARGS RFA). 3) Alleviating poverty through sustainable improved rural chicken production in Nasarawa State, Nigeria sponsored by TETFUND, Abuja. 4) African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG), sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA and 4) Capacity Advancement for the Nigeria node of GBIF, National Data Mobilization Plan, sponsored by Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) of the European Union, Austria.


With regard to National and International professional assignments, the expertise of some staff of the Faculty is/was sought in: 1) The development of Soil Information Systems for Nigeria through digitization and archiving of legacy soil data, FAO/NSPFS, 2

005-Date. 2) Geo-Spatial Variability of Soil properties in collaboration with IITA Geo Spatial Lab., 2013-14. 3) Fertility Testing and Evaluation in Northern States of Kano, Niger and Kogi States,  Third National Fadama Development Project  (Fadama – III AF). 4) Preparation of the country’s progress report on the ‘Implementation of the global plan of action for animal genetic resources – 2014 to 2019’ submitted to FAO, Rome. 5)  Drafting of ‘African Sustainable Livestock 2050: The future of livestock in Nigeria. Opportunities and challenges in the face of uncertainty’ by FAO, Rome, Italy, 2018 and 6) Representation in the national committee for the implementation of the partnership for control of Aflatoxin in Africa (PACA) pilot project of the Africa Union commission. 7) Implementation of Yam Improvement for Incomes and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA)/IITA/AFD project in 70 farming communities in Nasarawa State.


The Faculty has also been able to impact on its immediate community especially Shabu, Danka Sarki and Kwandere through various trainings on soap and textile making, nutrition and dietetics, fish and poultry production and Good Agronomic Practices for soil and crops.

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The Faculty of Agriculture of Nasarawa State University started with five academic Departments as follows:



The Faculty adopts a multi-disciplinary approach for the undergraduate programmes aiming at the followings: