At the inception of the University, 2001/2002 Academic session, the department started with a single programme (BSc Mathematics). Five (5) students were admitted into the department as pioneer students with five (5) members of staff. During the following session, 2002/2003 a proposal to introduce two (2) additional options i.e. BSc Computer Science and BSc Statistics was presented by the Department to the University Senate. This prayer was granted and options approved.
By 2003/2004 academic session, the department admitted students into the three options through UME and DE into BSc Mathematics option only.
A Professor of Mathematics joined the department during the 2002/2003 and chaired the Department for the 2003/2004 academic session and withdrew his service from the University at the end of that session.
The department started with a laboratory hosting only four (4) Computer systems and presently has two main laboratories: A and B with 13 and 21 Computer systems respectively. The Full time Staff strength of the department now is spread around the 3 units with a visiting Professor from National Mathematical Centre, Abuja. To meet with the challenges of the new session another Professor had just been offered a sabbatical appointment and two other Senior Academic Staff on visiting status. The department started its PhD programme in 2007 while M.Sc started 2009.
The curricular of the department of Mathematical Sciences are designed to provide the student the opportunity to prepare him/herself for specialized professional studies. These curricular lead to the honour degree of Bachelor of Science normally at the end of four years in either of Mathematics, Computer science or Statistics.
The programs are so designed to provide solid academic background knowledge for higher degrees if so desired.  The three programs have a lot of interrelationships in the first two years of study.
The department places special emphasis on the practical, projects and industrial attachment for all the Students in general and Statistics and Computer science students in particular.
The department offers three undergraduate programmes leading to the award of the following degrees:

  • B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Computer science
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Statistics

NB: B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics was the only option in the Department at inception while B.Sc. (Hons) Computer science and B.Sc. (Hons) Statistics took off from 2003/2004 academic session.

  • Candidates must satisfy the general minimum University and Faculty entry requirements. That is a minimum of five O level credits including Mathematics and English Language and three other Credit Passes from the Core Sciences.
  • Special requirements for the individual programmes are as follows:
    1. B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics: Credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, Physics and any other two from Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural science, Economics, Geography and Further Mathematics. Candidates with good passes in A/Level (or equivalent) in Mathematics, Physics and any other subject may be admitted.
    2. B.Sc (Hons) Statistics: credit passes in Mathematics, English and any two Science subjects from Physics Chemistry and Biology, and any other subject. Candidates with good passes in A/Level (or equivalent) in Mathematics, Physics and any other subject may be admitted.
    3. B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science: Credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, Physics and any other two from Chemistry, Biology/ Agricultural Science, Further Mathematics or Statistics. Candidates with good passes in A/Level (or equivalent) in Mathematics, Physics and any other subject may be admitted.
    4. Waiver: A Pass in English Language is considered for admission.
  • Remedial Replacement
    A successful candidate from the remedial department of the Nasarawa State University must have among others the following grades at the end of the one-year Remedial programme before admitted into the department of mathematical sciences:

    • A minimum of B in Mathematics
    • A minimum of C in Physics and Chemistry
    • An attempt of the Biology course

To be eligible for admission to Honours degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Computer Science or Statistics, a candidate should have:

  • Satisfied the normal University requirements.
  • Satisfied the approved Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences requirements in respect of workload, registration for courses and programme duration.
  • Satisfied the departmental requirements at each level.


1 PROF. S.S. FARINWATA Professor PhD Electrical Engineering/Applied Mathematics
2. PROF. P.ONUMANYI Professor PhD Numerical Analysis
3 PROF. S.U.MOMOH Professor PhD Group Theory/Algebra
4 DR. J.O.FATOKUN Seniour Lecturer PhD Numerical Analysis/Computational Mathematics
5 MR A.M. UMAR Lecturer I MSc Mathematical Modelling
6 MR. G.I.O.AIMUFUA Lecturer I MSc Computer Science
7 MR. P.OGWOLA Lecturer I MSc Optimal Control
8 MR. H.K.ODUWOLE Lecturer II MSc Mathematical Modeling
9 MR. H.S. NDAKWO Lecturer II MSc Algebra
10 MR. NUHU TSAKU Ass Lecturer MSc Pure Mathematics
11 MR. N.O.NWEZE Ass Lecturer MSc Statistical Modeling
12 MR G.K. ADEGOKE Ass Lecturer MSc Computer Science
13. MISS FATIMA ISIAKA Ass Lecturer MSc Computer Science
14 MR. H.O.SALAMI Ass Lecturer MSc Computer Science
15 MR. SHEHU S.L. Ass Lecturer MSc Industrial Mathematics
16 MR ABDULLAHI YAU Grad Assistant BSc Maths
17 MR. CHAKU EMMANUEL Grad Assistant BSc Maths
18 MRS BILIKISU MAIJAMAA Grad Assistant BSc Statistics

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