Entrepreneurship Studies

Entrepreneurship Studies

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Dr.  Suleiman Akwu-Odo Salihu AruwaProfile of the Head of Department

Dr.  Suleiman Akwu-Odo Salihu Aruwa is a Senior lecturer and founding Director of Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Nasarawa State Universality Keffi and Head, Department of Entrepreneurship Studies. He is the immediate past Head of Department of Accounting, Nasarawa State University Keffi, Nigeria. He is a Fellow of the Boston University Entrepreneurship Programme and European Entrepreneurship Educators Programme (3EP). He was a participant at the International Entrepreneurship Educators’ Conference (IEEC), Coventry UK. He received his Bachelor and Masters of Science degree in Accounting and Finance from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and PhD in Accounting and Finance from Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. He has authored several books on Entrepreneurship and twenty-nine refereed journal articles. He majors in entrepreneurial finance and strategy.
[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″] Our Mission
To be an internationally renowned institution of higher learning in Entrepreneurship education, research, innovation, publication and teaching by advancing knowledge, skills and learning of Entrepreneurship through value creation, wealth and job creation for economic development and growth.


The objectives of the B.Sc. Entrepreneurship programme are amongst others to:
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  • Prepare students for career opportunities by  developing their academic capabilities to identify and exploit opportunities locally and globally.
  • Prepare the students to create new enterprises, develop new businesses and expand existing industries.
  • Offer students the opportunity to develop professional skills and capabilities from an integrated interdisciplinary perspective in a wide range of vocational areas.
  • Equip students with the capability for rigorous, independent, critical, and self directed learning to grow new and existing ventures thereby regenerating economic growth and development.
  • Produce a graduates with confidence and significant interpersonal leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Equip students with theoretical knowledge in the entrepreneurship discipline.
  • Avail students of classical and modern knowledge and understanding of the best practices and thinking in entrepreneurship.
  • Stimulate students’ interest in fostering productive culture in the larger society through teaching, advisory and consultancy services, mentoring and active engagements.
  • Equip students with analytical skills in problem solving, negotiations, conflict resolution, marketing, leadership, interpersonal relations and financial management.


We shall promote values that would be evident in our teaching, character and relationship with all stakeholders. These values are enshrined in ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP’ :
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[/column] [column col=”1/4″] Ethics
[/column] [column col=”1/4″] Novelty
[/column] [column col=”1/4″] Skills
Hard work
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