Academic Planning

Academic Planning

[divider scroll_text=””][space height=”10″] Dr. (Mrs.) Fidelma E. Ukeje
Name : Dr. (Mrs.) Fidelma E. Ukeje (nee Nwokedi)
Designation : Director of Academic Planning
The academic issues emanating from the University Senates including provision of courses and the approval of the syllabuses, the admission and progress of students through examinations, etc., are delegated to the Academic Planning and Curriculum Development Committee under the aegis of the Academic Planning Unit. The overall function of the unit is to promote the quality of teaching and learning, co-ordinate, research activities and assist in promoting University and the nation.
The activities of Academic planning Unit as specified in the Manual on University Management by the NUC include:-
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  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of data from relevant University.
  • Provision of data-based information on various aspects of University operations for use by the University as it deems fit. Some of those aspects include information on University academic/ material resources, University facilities, etc.
  • Periodic updating and analysis of data from relevant University bodies for the University on all the NUC approved funding parameters and other guidelines.
  • Annual updating, projection, analysis and interpretation of the university budget and the subsequent resource allocation within the ambit of the approved budget. The Bursar is responsible for financial planning and implementing of the financial matters of the University.  He works closely with the DAP in the production and presentation of the University budget.
  • Any other University function  assigned to it and which has to do with careful collection, analysis and interpretation of data for the purposes of  meeting certain criteria, etc or for providing other University bodies (MIS, PIU, etc.) information they need e.t.c.



  • Dr. (Mrs.) F.E Ukeje :- Director of Academic Planning
  • Mr. Agye Omale Adamu:- Academic Planning Officer
  • Mrs. Zainab Hassan:- Computer Operator
  • Mr. Abdullahi Tahir :-Clerical officer

The Director of academic planning, for day to running of the unit, is responsible to the Vice Chancellor who is executive and academic head of the University.
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  • Preparing and revising as and when due the University academic brief document.
  • Evaluating of proposals for new academic programs and merger and demerger of academic units based on stipulated guidelines.
  • Monitoring and maintaining academic standards through divers internal assessment of academic activities.
  • Maintaining and dissemination of computer assisted data bank for use in planning, budgeting and other management requirement by liaising with Deans, registrar (Academic Secretary, Admission Officer, Personnel/Establishment Officer, exams and Records).
  • Coordinating of accreditation of degree programmes affected by the NUC.
  • Preparation and coordination of University’s Strategic plan e.t.c.
[/list] Currently the unit is manned by the Director of Academic planning, an Assistant Academic planning officer gives support to the Director and also with support form a computer operator and a clerical officer who also give his own assistant.
There is urgent need therefore for efficient planning officers to assist the Director in the arduous task of Academic Planning as the University funding improves.

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