Works and Mainatenance

Works and Mainatenance

[divider scroll_text=””][space height=”10″] Engineer Jerry E. InjiPROFILE OF THE DIRECTOR OF WORKS
Name: – Engineer Jerry E. Inji [ND, HND, NIM, COREN, M.N.S.E] Rank: – Acting Director of works and maintenance
No. 16 Adamu Riyom Street Trade Centre, Kuru
Plateau state Nigeria.
The Department of works and Maintenance is a service oriented Department in the University; it started since the inception of the University in January 2002 with some staff that transferred their services fro the College of Arts Science and Technology.
The increase in the size of the University gave birth to the demand of more equipments and staff.
The secretariat of the Directorate was temporarily located in senior staff quarters (S.S.Q.1) until May 2006 when it was now relocated to the present permanent site constructed by the staff of the Directorate under direct labour.
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Civil/Building Engineering Department

Civil/Building engineering Department to be headed by an assistant Director, it is comprises of the following units:-

  1. Civil Engineering Maintenance unit
    1. Civil Engineering operations such as maintenance of the roads, buildings e.t.c.
    2. Furniture/Carpentry and joinery operations and maintenance
    3. Liaison with water board for water supply to the University.
  2. Environment maintenance unit
    1. Refuse/Waste collection, treatment and disposal
    2. Fumigation of the office block, staff quarters and hostels
    3. General sanitation of the University premises
    4. Supervision and monitoring of the services contractors handling the cleaning of the University premises
  3. Estate surveying and valuation unit
    1. It is the custodian of the University landed, fixed and movable assets
    2. It is in charge of acquisition and allocation of housing, offices, furniture for all staff
    3. It is in charge of evaluation negotiation and procurement of all University assets e.g. building, Vehicles, furniture e.t.c.
    4. It keeps records of check in check out staff.
  4. Furniture/Carpentry and joinery unit
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Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Department

This Department is headed by an assistant Director and responsible for the Maintenance of mechanical and electrical fittings and installation, it handles the maintenance of instrumentation and communication facilities (i.e. telephones, fax, walkie talkie e.t.c.) in the University, estate and rented quarters , it is in charge of computer acquisition installation and maintenance.In addition the running of the power generation, transmission of power within the university and estate and liaison with P.H.C.N. e.t.c. are handed by its department. Mechanical:-

  1. Maintenance of air conditions, refrigerators and cold room if any
  2. Maintenance of vehicles
  3. Repairs and servicing of photocopiers
  4. Maintenance of laundry and kitchen equipment
  5. Inspection of houses before acquisition for staff use.
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Electrical Unit

  1. Maintenance of general lighting of the premises including security and street lighting
  2. Monitoring of high voltage electrical systems and distribution panels
  3. Installation and repairs of external telephone lines
  4. Operations of satellite, TV programmes for offices, homes, hostels e.t.c.
  5. Supervision of energy and installation of meter from P.H.C.N substation
  6. Telephone and intercom distribution, installation and maintenance
  7. Inspection of all computer systems delivered to the University to ensure that they confirm to specifications
  8. Installation and maintenance of all the University computers.
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Transport Unit

It is responsible for handling the allocation of vehicles for the day to day running of the University.

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