Religious Studies Department

Religious Studies Department

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Dr. Aluko Taiye Adeyemi PhD, Senior Lecturer and current HOD Religious studies Department, Nasarawa State University, studied Christian Religious studies at the University of Ilorin where he begged for B.A (Hons), proceeded to University of Ibadan where he obtained P.G.D.E. His M.A from university of Ibadan and PhD from university of Ilorin. Dr. Aluko Taiye Adeyemi who has published rather extensively both locally and internationally teaches Christian Religious Studies. Hence, he has edited several scholarly journals and books.
Before joining the service of Nasarawa State University as Senior Lecturer in the department of Christian Religious Studies, Dr. Aluko Taiye Adeyemi had Lectured at Diocesan Christian Education Collage, Okene (1988-1990), university of Ilorin, as Assistant Lecturer (1991-1994), Lecturer II (1994-1996), Lecturer I (1996-1999), among others
Dr Aluko Taiye Adeyemi had several Honors distinction and membership of Learned/Professional Society, and published several journals
Permanent Home Address: No 22 Kabba Street, Sabo-Oke, Ilorin, Kwara State.
Contact Address: Department of Religious Studies Nasarawa State University, PMB 1022, Keffi.
Telephone: 08033841662 
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Short History of the Department

The department came to existence in 2002/2003 as Department of Religious studies and Arabic studies. After a year of coexistence, the department of Religious studies came out as a full pledge department having two units i.e. Christian studies and Islamic studies respectively.
The Department starts with a relatively small staff member of about two until lately when more staff was added.
As at today the department has full accreditation and the Islamic studies unit is running on and PhD programme respectively. The Christian studies unit is about to start her postgraduates programme.
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Staff List


  1. Dr. Sa’adat Hassan Liman – Lect. I
  2. Prof. M.M. Dangana – Visiting
  3. Ass. Prof. M. O. Raheemson – Visiting
  4. Ass. Prof. I. A. Seriki – Visiting
  5. Ass. Prof. Omokoso – Visiting
  6. Dr. L. M. Ade – Visiting
  7. Mal. Abdullahi adamu Sulaiman – Lect. II
  8. Mal. Aliyu Umar – Lect. II
  9. Mal. Aliyu Tanko Muhammad – Ass. Lect.
  10. Mal. Muhammad Alhassan Yusuf – Ass. Lect


  1. Dr. Taiye Aluko – S/Lect. HOD
  2. Ass. Prof. J. D. Gwanmna – Visiting
  3. Mr. Ishaya M. Makpu – Lect. I
  4. Dr. Jake O. Olunko – Lect. I
  5. Dr. Abraham Mbachurin – Lect. II
  6. Dr. Mrs. Magdalene Aboh – Lect. II
  7. Mr. Gonjoh D.O. – Lect. II
  8. Rev. Ahmed Al-Faruk Ali – Ass Lect.
  9. Mal. Murtala  M. AbdullahI – G.A
  10. Rev. Theopulus Mgbashun – G.A
  11. Mr. Ishaya Owusakyo Oyiwose – G.A

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