Environmental management involves managing both the environment itself (i.e. water, trees, soil and animals) and the interaction between people and the environment (through production processes, consumption practices and policies). The ultimate goal of this management is to achieve a sustainable supply of ecosystem services over the long term that best meet our environmental, social and economic needs. To meet this environmental management goal, we require fundamental knowledge of environmental and human systems, as well as an in-depth understanding of the sensitivity and dependency of one on the other. In addition, we require an ability to analyze the environmental risks and impacts of human activities, as well as develop and implement strategies that meet our competing and often-conflicting objectives. Our Environmental Management program will help you understand environmental and human systems (and their interactions) through courses in ecology, hydrology, climatology, soil chemistry, biodiversity, sociology, economics, policy and others. It will also prepare you to understand environmental risks and impacts of human activities by equipping you with environmental management tools such as environmental indicator identification and measurement, environmental risk assessment, environmental impact assessment, lifecycle assessment, environmental planning and stakeholder engagement. These tools are supported with state-of-the-art environmental monitoring technologies, GIS/GPS technology, statistical analysis and others to ensure you have the expertise to excel in your career as an environmental professional in environmental management. Student will be taught to integrate classroom knowledge with critical thinking and structured problem solving to help students design management plans that meet social, environmental and economic objectives.  Students will learn both indoors and outdoors in our classrooms and laboratories. You will also undertake projects involving research, planning, and implementation for real-world clients


HOD's Message

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Departmental Board

 1 Prof. Timorthy Gyuse  H.O.D
 2 Prof. Haruna. K. Ayuba  Member
 3  Prof. Kenneth. O. Iwugo  Member
 4  Dr. Mohammed Alkali  Member
 5  Dr. Adati A. Kadafa  Member
 6  Mrs. Salamatu A. Ekpo  Member
 7  Mr. Chuwante. T. Banki   Member



Mr. Mohammed.Y. Adana  Member

Brief Profile

The Department of Environmental Management was established by the Senate of Nasarawa State University Keffi on Thursday 26th October, 2017 as a programme as well as a Department for the proper take-off of the Faculty of Environmental Science. The Department got approval for the take-off of the programme on 16th August 2018 during the National Universities Commission (NUC) visit for Resource Verification and Assessment. Dr Adati Ayuba Kadafa was appointed on 1st November 2017 as the pioneer acting HOD of the Department.


The Department of Environmental Management provides a five-year degree programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science Environmental Management.