In accordance with the university’s broad goal of providing diverse and functional education to all students, the Department is committed to the pursuit of teaching, research, and community service. Also in support of the Faculty of Education mission of promoting knowledge and skills through teaching and research the Department upholds the ideals of excellence in teaching and dissemination of knowledge, research, and community service.


The Department is commitment to the pursuit of knowledge in general and the inculcation of values of scholarship and continues learning. The department envisages an environment equipped with teaching and learning facilities where learners collaborate more readily in search of better methods of acquiring knowledge and skills. It will be an environment where the ideals of excellence in administrative science, and management skills and theories will be propagated among students and teachers. The department is also committed to linkages with relevant professional organizations and universities for sharing ideas on research and development in teaching and educational management.


HOD's Message

Established by the Senate of Nasarawa State University, Keffi in June 2018, the Department of Educational Management is the largest in the Faculty of Education. With the student population of approximately 827 and a staff strength of 11 (8 Ph.D’s) the Department is in a position to make great impact on the progress of education in the Faculty. All staff have a teaching load of approximately 3 courses (6 units) each per semester. This is in addition to supervising considerable number of postgraduate and undergraduate student projects

Departmental Board

 1 Prof. D.A. Jiboyewa  Professor (HOD)
 2 Prof. A.N. Maicibi      Professor

Brief Profile

The first visit of the National University Commission (NUC) to us was in February 2015 when we were still a Unit under the Department of Educational Foundations. During that visit, our B.Sc degree programme was verified and approved to commence formally for a period of 2 years. The second NUC visit was in April 2017 shortly before we became a department in 2018.

The accreditation rating in 2017 was interim Status for a period of 2 years. The NUC also recommended that we should evolve into a full department, which came into reality in June 2018.

In July 2019, the NUC team visited us for the third time, and this was shortly after we became a full department. The accreditation process was strenuous, but we gave God the glory, we went through successfully. According to the results released in April 2020, the Departments B.Sc Programme was rated full Status to last for a period of 4 years. With the cooperation of our hard working staff, the growth of the Department has been steady but arduous. In spite of our achievements there are major challenges confronting us. These include large number of postgraduate and undergraduate Students to teach and supervise; shortage of Staff and Physical Facilities.


  1. Sc Educational Management
  2. Ed Educational Management
  3. D Educational Management
  4. Sc Educational Management (part-time)
  5. Ed Educational Management (part-time)