Vision and Mission

In keeping with the motto and the mission statement of the Nasarawa State University, the philosophy of the Department is to enable individuals to know and understand themselves and their environment(s) through the study of languages and linguistics with particular reference to Hausa and indigenous languages in the state. It is also believed that since communicative competence is primarily a function of the degree of language skills that one has a good grounding in languages and linguistics will not only enhance a person’s communicative competence but also motivate further development of this personality and extension, the refinement of his culture and overall development.


The broad objective of the programme is to give students a thorough grounding in modern grammar (language), literature, history and culture as it is designed to equip students with a deeper understanding and advanced knowledge of these core areas of language Studies. Therefore the specific objectives are: to equip students with sufficiently advanced and comprehensive knowledge of the main principles, theories and practice of their chosen areas of languagestudies; secondly, to train them to be able to apply their knowledge for the advancement of their society, and thirdly, to prepare them for greater competence and sophistication in their relevant careers.


HOD's Message

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Departmental Board

S/N Name of Academic Staff Area of Specialisation Area of Research Qualification Rank
1 Prof. (Mrs) F.E. Ukeje Applied Linguistics Applied Linguistics Ph.D, D.E.A., M.A., B.A. Professor
2 Prof.G.S. Omachonu Phonology Phonology/Morphology/Lang. Documentation & Description/Typology Ph.D, D.E.A., M.A., B.A. Professor
3 Prof. Rose-Juliet Wenzel-Anyanwu Phonology Phonology and Tonology Ph.D, M.A. PGD B.A. Professor
4 Dr  Bem P. Ianna Applied Linguistics Applied Linguistics Ph.D, M.A. & B.A. Associate Professor
5 Dr. Philip Manda Imoh Morphosyntax Syntax Morphology & African Linguistics Ph.D, M.A. & B.A. Senior Lecturer
6 Dr. Tiav Akase Semantics Semantics Ph.D, M.A. & B.A Senior Lecturer
7 Dr. Abraham David Socio-Linguistics Language Shift Ph.D, M.A, ADEPA, B.A & NCE Senior Lecturer
8 Dr. Yakubu Umaru Jacob Syntax Syntax and Morphology Ph.D, M.A. & B.A Senior Lecturer
9 Mr.  Thomas Ashikeni Phonology Phonology BA & MA L1
10 Mr. Amende Charles Socio-Linguistics Socio-Linguistics BA & MA L1
11 Mr. Samuel Nuhu Baba Syntax Syntax BA & MA Lecturer 11
12 Miss Abigail Dalhatu Phonology Phonetics and phonology BA & MA Assistant Lecturer
13 Mrs. Patience Garba Morphology Morphology BA & MA Assistant Lecturer


Brief Profile

NasarawaStateUniversity, Keffi, was established under the Nasarawa State Law No. 2 of 2001 as passed by the State House of Assembly. According to the University Act (Section 4 and 5), the objectives for which the University is established are to:

  1. Encourage and promote the advancement of learning among all persons irrespective of race, creed or sex;
  2. Provide courses of instruction and other facilities and to make them available for the pursuit of learning in all its branches and to make  to such person (s) as registered to benefit from them;
  3. Serve as both a teaching and examining body, subject to the provision of the University Law specifying the functions of the University (S.5).


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