Language is a vehicle of thought and a unique means of communication between individuals, communities and nations. The Departmental programmes of Nasarawa State University, Keffi intends to train students who:

  1. Will acquire spoken and written competence in Arabic language and literature.
  2. Through their competence in Arabic language appreciate more, their African history and civilization before the colonial era, much of which is recorded in Arabic language.
  3. Will be acquainted with the socio-cultural, religious, economic, commercial, political and diplomatic aspects of the life of the speakers of the language with the view to promoting international understanding.
  4. Will be equipped with the skills for translation and interpretation, administration, journalism and diplomatic services in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world.


To provide and promote teaching, research and learning environment that enables individuals develop their potentials for service to the state, the Nation and Humanity.


HOD's Message

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Departmental Board

 1 Prof. S. Abdulkarim     Head of Department
 2 Dr. Sulaiman Yusuf Sadiq     Postgraduate Coordinator
 3 Dr. IshaqSalihu Sulaiman Editor, Departmental Journal
 4 Dr. Idris Abubakar Imam Project Coordinator
 5 Dr. Raudatu A. Maikasuwa Departmental Examination Officer and Secretary

Brief Profile

The Department of Arabic Studies is one of the Departments in the Faculty of Arts. It was initially under the Department of Languages and Linguistics until 2014 when it was granted autonomy. The Arabic Studies Department runs B.A, PGD Arabic, M.A, MPhil/Ph.D and Ph.D programmes and has graduated a good number of students.

The Department has a Journal, Addad Journal of Arabic Studies, to its credit. The Journal is patronized by scholars within and outside the University. It is also collaborating with the Department of Islamic Studies to edit a Journal, Al-Ishraq Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, in order to boost academic excellence in the Department in particular and the University in general.

Also the Department is conducting Part-Time programme in B.A. (Hon) Arabic Studies and Seminar Lecture series both at the Faculty and Departmental level.


  1. Below are the available programmes currently runs in the Department:

  2. Ph.D Arabic Language                                   -         Full-Time
  3. Ph.D Arabic Literature                                   -          Full-Time
  4. MPhil/Ph.D Arabic Language                         -         Full-Time
  5. MPhil/Ph.D Arabic Literature                         -          Full-Time
  6. M.A. Arabic Language                                   -          Full-Time
  7. M.A. Arabic Literature                                   -           Full-Time
  8. PGD in Arabic Language and Literature        -          Full-Time
  9. B.A. Arabic                                                     -          Full-Time
  10. B.A. Arabic                                                     -          Part-Time
  11. LVT Arabic Education                                   -           Part-Time