The Department seeks to provide functional education in the field of Forestry, Wildlife resources and fisheries, based on sound scientific and technological principles and practices. It therefore aims to provide training in forestry planning, management and utilization, environmental and agroforestry, pulp and paper making, wood technology; and to provide the needed manpower for the development and production of wildlife and fisheries resources as vital renewable resources, to meet National and Global challenges of food, environmental and other concerns that arise.


To promote sustainability of renewable natural resources and environmental protection through practical and entrepreneurial management. Also the Department seeks to contribute substantially to human resources development in the management of renewable natural resources through research and development.


HOD's Message

You are specially welcome to the home page of the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management.  I would like to express my pleasure to belong to this  Department, it represents a bridge of sustainable environment. Undoubtedly, forestry is a pivot about which the World-desired Sustainable Environment revolves.  Forestry and Wildlife Management is beginning to gain Worldwide acceptance especially in some of our universities probably owing to the current realities of degraded environment caused by Man’s actions and inactions. Fortunately, the Management of  Nasarawa State University at the inception probably saw the importance embedded in Management of Renewable Natural Resources, therefore decided to include the  Department  of  Forestry and Wildlife Management so as to fill the foreseeing vacuum that it’s absence can create especially within the North Central Nigeria.

Consequently, learning about Natural resources has become an urgent requirement to cope with climate change and sustainable environment. In order to achieve the set goals for establishing the Department which was to provide professional personnel in forestry and allied land management with training  focus  based purely along eight units namely:  Silviculture;  Forest Ethno-Botany;  Mensuration and Remote Sensing;  Utilization and Wood Engineering;  Forest Economics and Management; Wildlife Resources Management; Eco-tourism Management and   Land Use, Law and Institutions.

It is noteworthy that between 2005 and 2020, the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Nasarawa State University Keffi, Nigeria has produced many Students with B.Sc. The training received in Forestry and allied courses has since been enabling our alumni and alumnae in various organisations to deal with the increasingly environmental problems in our society. Much more importantly, the intellectual accomplishments and mental perspectives of our graduates have been helping them to operate on a more encompassing level outside their areas of specializations.

Departmental Board

 1 Prof. Z. T. Egbewole  Professor
 2 Mr. L.O. Falade  Lecturer I

Brief Profile

The Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries took off in March, 2005. To date it has graduated four (12) sets of students. The first Coordinator was Mr. Isaac M. Ogara who handed over to Dr J. S. Alao on the 25th September, 2006 when He was appointed the Acting Head of Department and latter handed over to Dr Z T. Egbewole on the 25th September 2013. The Department has two programmes domiciled within it. They are Bachelor of Forestry and Wildlife and Bachelor of Fisheries.

The Department went through her first National University Commission (NUC) accreditation on 2007 and the two programmes got interim accreditation which lapsed in 2009. In June 2010, the NUC came and the two programmes got full accreditation status which will lapse in 2014. Likewise in June 2015, the NUC came again and the two programmes got full accreditation status which lapsed in 2019.

However, The SENATE of the Nasarawa State University  Keffi,  Nigeria in May, 2015 approved the splitting of The Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries into two, namely: (i) Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management  and (ii) Department of  Aquaculture and Fisheries  Management. After splitting of The Department in May, 2015, the Department  is now known as Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Nasarawa State University, Keffi.  The aim of the Department is to provide professional personnel in forestry and wildlife resources management. As the Department developed, the philosophy of an integrated approach to the management of renewable natural resources came to be adopted and the Department started to extend its teaching and research into wider areas of natural resources management. At present, the training  focus of the Department are purely along two major areas namely: