Languages and Linguistics Department

Languages and Linguistics Department

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Dr. G.S. OmachonuProfile of the Head of Department

Dr. G.S. Omachonu, Senior Lecturer and Ag. HOD Languages and Linguistics, Nasarawa State University studied Linguistics at the University of Ilorin and Nigeria, Nsukka. Dr. Omachonu who has published rather extensively both locally and internationally teaches Linguistics. English and Nigerian/African Languages. He has edited several scholarly journal and books.
Before joining the service of Nasarawa State University as Senior Lecturer in November, 2007, Dr. Omechonu had lectured at Kogi State Collage of Education, Ankpa (1966-2004) and Kogi State Unversity, anyigba (2004-2007). He is a member of several association and visiting scholar to some universities in Nigeria.
His broad research interests includes: General linguistics (Phonetics and Phonology), Igala Linguistics, Language documentation and Description (Documentary Linguistics), Human Language Speech Technology and Computational Linguistics, Forensic Linguistics, General Research and Linguistics Field Methods.
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Contact Details

Permanent Home Address: Uru, Odeke-Ibaji Kogi State.
Residential: Block A Flat 4, NSUK Staff Quarters, Main Campus
Office: Room 11, Faculty of Arts Complex NSU, Keffi
Mobile Phone: +2348065309796, +2348058421956
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Brief History of the Department

The Department started in the 2001/2002 session with B.A Linguistics only and takes off population of 22 students. In the 2002/2003 session, B.A French program was introduced as a unit in the Department and in the 2004/2005; B.A was moved from the department of Arabic and Islamic Studies to the department of Languages and Linguistics. At present, the department is made up of three units; Arabic, French and Linguistics with students population of 450 and staff strength of 31 members (29 academics and 2 non-academics).
Meanwhile the Linguistics program prepares students on the theoretical and practical aspect of the study of Language as an indispensable human activity, the French and Arabic programs provide them with competence in the oral and writing form of the language.
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Main Duties and Activities

Teaching, research and consultancy services in translation, lexicography, language endangerment, documentation and maintenance.
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Staff List

Name Rank/Status Qualification Area of Specialization Phone number
Prof T. K. Adeyanju Prof/Contract B.A, M.A PhD, PGDE Applied Lings, Syntax 08036166322
Prof. P.N.Anagbogu Prof/Contract B,A, M.A PhD Morphology, Onomastics 08033548805
Prof. K.N. Nwogu Prof/Visiting B.A, M.A, PhD, PGDE Semanyics, Pragmatics, D. Analysis 08036419493
Prof. A.U Ok Okwudishi Prof./Visiting B.A, M.A, PhD, PGDE Applied Linguistics 08023500054
Dr. G.S. Omachonu Senior Lecturer B.A, M.A, PhD Phonetics Phonology 08065309796,08058421956
Dr Muhammad Bashir Yusuf Senior Lecturer B.A, M.A, PhD Hausa Lings 08035954334
Ben P. Ianna Lect. I B.A, M.A Applied Lings 08065768181
David A. Abraham Lect. II B.A, M.A Applied Lings 08137696911
Akase ,T. Tiav Lect. II B.A, M.A General Lings, Semantics 08053455726
Philip M. Imoh Ass. Lect. B.A, M.A Morphology, syntax 08132283686
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Name Rank/Status Qualification Area of Specialization Phone number
Prof. M.T. Yahaya Prof/Visiting B.A, M.A, PhD Literature
Prof. R.A. Raji Prof/Visiting B.A, M.A, PhD Literature
Dr. Mohammed Adamu S/Lect. B.A, M.A, PhD Language
Dr. Hamza Gambo S/Lect. B.A, M.A, PhD Literature
Dr. Moshood Jimba S/Lect. B.A, M.A, PhD Language 08033574382
Abubakar Wakawa Lect. B.A, M.A Language 08035971411
Dr. Idris Abubakar Imam Lect. I B.A, M.A, PhD Literature 08038424317
Dr. Adam A. B A. Binchi Lect. I B.A, M.A, PhD Language 08032889553
Dr. Salihu Abdulkarim Lect. I B.A, M.A, PhD Language
Iliyasun Usman Lect. II B.A, M.A Language 07031882548
Suleiman Ishaq S. Ass. Lect. B.A, M.A Literature
Suleiman ma Yusuf Sadiq Ass. Lect. B.A, M.A Language 08065391068
Ahmad Abubakar Ahmad Ass Lect. B.A, M.A Literature
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Name Rank/Status Qualification Area of Specialization Phone number
Isaac Shuaibu S/Lect. Contract B.A, M.A, DEA Language 07063043463
Dr. Mrs. Ukeje S/Lect. Contract B.A, M.A, PhD Language 08034535905
Dr. E. Onietah S/Lect. Sabbatical B.A, M.A, PhD Language
Dr. Felix Amoh Lect. II B.A, M.A, DEA PhD Literature 0705738982
Ijah Gideon Akase Lect. II B.A, M.A, ADPA, ADEPA Literature 08068110716
Esther E. Obi Ass. Lect. B.A, M.A, Literature 08059557564
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