History Department

History Department

[divider scroll_text=””][space height=”10″] BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENT
The Department of History was the pioneer Department since the inception of the University in 2002, then in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with Prof. Zainab Alkali as the Dean of the Faculty. Now it is in the Faculty of Arts, with Prof. Akinwumi Olayemi as the Dean.
List of Units/Progammes and the Admission Requirments
There two Main are two main programmes: B.A.(Hons); M.A. History; and Ph.D. History. The Department will in the near future run B.A. (Com) History Archaeology; B.A. Archaeology; and Diploma Courses for professionals.
[space height=”10″] [quote align=”center” color=”#999999″] Mission
Our mission is to educate our students on major factors and historical movements that informed the contemporary age.  Our courses will enable students to objectively analyze historical and current issues and meaningfully contribute in the on-going debates on national question, nation building and globalization.
[/quote] [quote align=”center” color=”#999999″] Vision
The department will hold History students to be committed to researches and debates, propounding suggestions that can ameliorate Nigerian problems and quickens development.  History graduates will be law-abiding and committed civil servants readily available for community and national services.
[/quote] Philosophy & Objectives
History Department was one of the pioneer departments since the inception of the University in 2002.  It has about 50 accredited courses offered at both first and second semesters.  The courses cover world History, with particular emphasis on Nigerian History.
The aims are:

  • To expose students to histories of various regions and countries of the world.
  • To enable students to properly grasp the basic factors of historical movements in Nigeria.
  • To build a critical mind, ability, quality and stamina of dealing with controversial and prolix texts.
  • To service sister disciplines such as Education, social sciences, Administration, law and other humanities.
  • Give orientation on research methods, recovery of historical materials and logical presentation of historical information.
  • Build on History Research Bureau and contribute to safeguarding historical documents, artifact and so on.
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Teaching and Assessment Methods

Teachers are encouraged to use variety of teaching methods and application of modern technology. Teachers use more of students- centered and interactive methods. The students should be encouraged to actively participate in tutorials, drama, group work, self-assessments, paper presentations, etc.   Lecture method should not be they only method. For effective teaching and learning to take place, there should be periodic assessments in form of general and specific questions, tests, examinations, projects and so on; and the marks should give feed-back whether sufficient teaching and learning have taken place.
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Teaching Staff

  • Dr M. A. Filaba  (HOD) As. Professor
  • Professor Olayemi Akinwumi
  • Mal. Nuruddeen Abubakar, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Amango .A. Kudu, Lecturer I
  • Dr. Justin  .O. Aper, As. Professor
  • Mr. Mejida  M. Maiyaki, Lecturer I
  • Dr. Charles Azgaku, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Adoyi Onoja, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Jonathan Ayuba, Senior Lecturer
  • Mr. Gershom Dalat, Lecturer II
  • Akwashiki Sunday Vincent, Lecturer
  • Associate Prof. George Kwanashie (visiting Lecturer)
  • Prof. Yakubu Ochefu.

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