English Department

English Department

[divider scroll_text=””][space height=”10″] Aims and Objectives of the B.A Degree in English & Literary Studies Department
The programme is designed to:

  • Give students a good grounding and effective mastery of the English Language in its various applications to achieve adequate self-expression and self actualization in the English Language.
  • To produce graduates who possess an informed literary stimulus.
  • To equip such graduates with adequate knowledge of the full range of major land marks in English and African Literatures in all genres and periods.
  • Adequately prepare the students for post-graduate studies in the English Language, Linguistics and / or Language teaching in Nigerian School and Colleges.
  • Enable students to overcome certain deficiencies in their English without compromising standard.
  • To impart a humanistic perspective to such graduates by acquainting them with literature as an expression of man’s spiritual essence.

Head of Department:   Associate Professor Umelo Ojinmah B.A, PhD

  • Prof. Zaynab ALKALI. (B.A, M.A, PhD African Literature and Creative Writing).
  • Associate Professor Umelo OJINMAH. (B.A, PhD. African, Commonwealth and Comparative Literatures).
  • Associate Professor Lubasa NTI’NSEENDI. Language and Literature in Education.
  • Dr. Amirikpa OYIGBENU. (B.A, M.A, PhD African / Oral Literature).
  • Dr. Halima Buhari SEKULA. (B.A, M.A, PhD African Literature / Creative Writing).
  • Mallam Al-Bishak MON. (B.A, M.A African / Oral Literature).
  • Mallam Salisu RAJ. (B.A, M.A Semantics and Pragmatics)
  • Mr. Adewole  A. ALAGBE. (B.A, M.A Grammar / Phonology).
  • Mr. Bdliya Idrisa Mohammed
  • Dr. Terhemba SHIJA. (B.A, M.A, PhD African Literature).
  • Dr. Mrs. Bridget MADU (B.A, M.A, PhD Socio-Linguistics)
  • Ms. Joy AWOROH. (B.A, M.A Semantics)
  • Mr. Daniel Mole PHILIP. (B.A, M.A African Literature).
  • Mr. Stephen O. DAVID. (B.A, M.A Pragmatics / Psycholinguistics).
  • Mallam Tanimu YUSUF. (B.A, M.A Sociolinguistics / Grammar).
  • Mallam Auwal IBRAHIM. (B.A Applied Linguistics).

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