From the Desk of the Director

Senate approves Centre for Cyberspace Studies Cyberspace has arisen as an important domain with almost the same features (or characteristics) as the physical world. It is enabling unprecedented socio-economic opportunities and are connecting populations around the globe in manners never envisaged. It is fast becoming an indispensable platform for modern businesses such that organizations, governments and individuals are unable to function without increasingly relying on the proper working of cyberspace infrastructure.

However, globally, thousands of Cyberspace systems are compromised on daily basis by criminal minded people. Some of these criminals carry out (perpetuate) these crimes purely for the fame of doing so, some for political motives, yet, most commonly are attacks induced to steal money or obtain commercial/government secrets.

The Senate in recognition of the importance of this new domain has approved the establishment of Centre for Cyberspace Studies (CCS) to carry out research and development as well as other innovative enterprise within the space. As far as we know, this is the first cyberspace Centre of Excellence in the country. The university community is therefore invited to support this initiative for the collective good of our highly esteemed University. The Centre is governed by a seven man board with the DVC admin – Prof. Yakubu B. Ngwai as the Chairman.

U.M. Mbanaso (PhD)