APUDI Institute of Peace Studies and Social Rehabilitation (APIS)

About Us

APUDI Institute of Peace Studies and Social Rehabilitation (APIS) is the training, consulting, research, re-orientation and rehabilitation arm of Al-Mustapha Peace, Unity and Development Initiative (APUDI).

It is fully registered with corporate affairs commission (CAC) of Nigeria. Also it is affiliated and accredited with other professional and research bodies both locally and internationally. These include the CGS International, Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) Washington D.C, University of Nicosia Cyprus, United Nation Institute for Disarmament and research (UNIDIR) and University of Abuja (The domiciled institution). It is also registered with the Centre for Management Development (CMD) to conduct human capacity development

In 2014 the Institute developed a robust training manual for peace building in Nigeria including that of disarmament and control of light and small arms. This manual was officially unveiled during the first International conference on “Community conflicts and youth militancy in Northern Nigeria and the challenge of Democratic practice in Nigeria”.

It was organized by APUDI from the 4th APUDI from the 4th – 6th November 2014 held at the Shehu Yar’Adua Center, Abuja. The manual has been in use for peace building amongst various communities in Southern Kaduna, Jos and Wukari in Taraba State.

The Institute also carried out measurement test instruments for ability assessment in the following areas:

  • Quantitative and qualitative cognitive test
  • Quantitative and qualitative affective test
  • Quantitative and qualitative psychomotive test instruments for IQ and emotional intelligence for leadership advancement

At the moment the Institute is working on the development and implementation of curriculum corridor for vulnerable victims of Boko Haram insurgency in the North East region and Farmer-Herder Conflict in Nigeria.

To realize the vision and mission of APIS, the following objectives were set out:

  • To develop Capacities of Citizens through training, re-training and mentorship. To initiate and undertake research and consultancy programmes in the area of peace building, empowerment, social development, leadership, Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-integration (DDR).
  • To collaborate with similar organizations to reduce poverty and promote economic growth in Nigeria.
  • To promote good governance and leadership in Nigeria.
  • To help in managing and rehabilitating the vulnerable groups of our society.
  • To provide an educational loop for other institutions both locally and internationally.
  • To carry out foundational and remedial programmes for the education and social development of our youths.
  • To inculcate basic life skills in young Nigerians.
  • To promote National and International partnership in building peace, business and good governance in the world.


To be a world class Institute for Capacity Building, Research, Social Rehabilitation, business collaboration, and partnership


To build Capacity for Peace Building, Good and Sustainable Human Capital Development through, collaborative partnerships, economic growth and empowerment.

Our Structure & Organogram

To achieve the above stated objectives, the Institute is structured into three major directorates namely; Directorate of programmes, Business Development and Partnership, as well as Administration and Finance


PhD. Programmes

APIS Ph.D. Peace Education

APIS Ph.D. Security and Strategic Studies

APIS Ph.D. Criminology & Community Security Studies

APIS Ph.D. Social Work

APIS Ph.D. Public Policy & Governance

APIS Ph.D. Social Statistics

M.Sc. Programmes

APIS M.Sc. Peace Education

APIS M.Sc. NGO & Development Studies

APIS M.Sc. Criminology & Community Security Studies

APIS M.Sc. Social Work

APIS M.Sc. Public Policy & Governance

APIS M.Sc. Counselling & Rehabilitation Studies

APIS M.Sc. Social Statistics

PGD Programmes

APIS PGD Peace Education

APIS PGD NGO & Development Studies

APIS PGD Criminology & Community Security Studies

APIS PGD Social Work

APIS PGD Counselling & Rehabilitation Studies

APIS PGD Education

APIS PGD Public Policy & Governance